Florian Zuleger


Group Models of Computation
Room Office HG0309 (Show FORSYTE location)
Phone +43 1 58801 18449
Email florian.zuleger@tuwien.ac.at
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Course number Course name Type Latest/upcoming Semester TISS link
181224 Doctoral & Master Students Seminar SE 2023S
185291 Formal Methods in Computer Science VU 2023S
184693 Project in Computer Science 2 PR 2023S
184695 Bachelor Thesis PR 2023S
184692 Project in Computer Science 1 PR 2023S
184749 Semantics of Programming Languages VU 2023S
184766 Introduction to Logical Methods in Computer Science VO 2023S
181221 Seminar Formal Methods SE 2023S
184767 Research Seminar LogiCS SE 2023S